Vipra Kundoor, PhD

Pharmacologist, Division of Bioequivalence I, OB, OGD, CDER

Dr. Vipra Kundoor is a Pharmacologist in the Division of Bioequivalence I within Office of Generic Drugs. She is responsible for assessing the bioequivalence of the various dosage forms of generic drugs. She is also involved in addressing controlled correspondences and pre-ANDA meeting packages. She is the focal point expert for nasal and inhalation drug products within the division and conducts secondary reviews for these complex dosage forms. She is also actively involved in the review panel for the Product-Specific Guidances for nasal and inhalation drug products. Prior to joining FDA in 2010, Dr. Kundoor earned her Ph.D. with specialization in Pharmaceutics at University of Maryland and M.S. with specialization in Pharmacology at South Dakota State University.

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