Ke Ren, PhD

Deputy Division Director, Division of Bioequivalence III, OB, OGD, CDER

Dr. Ke Ren is the Deputy Division Director for the Division of Bioequivalence III (DBIII) in the Office of Bioequivalence of Office of Generic Drugs, CDER, FDA. In this role, she leads a team of scientists responsible for the assessment of the bioequivalence section of Abbreviated New Drug Applications. During her time in DBIII, Dr. Ke Ren has developed extensive expertise in generic drug development in various therapeutic areas, including orally inhaled and nasal drug products. She has participated in the drafting of numerous Agency guidances pertaining to bioequivalence. Dr. Ren received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science from the University of Florida in 2005 and then undertook post-doctoral training at the University of Florida before joining OGD in 2008.

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