Harshil Parikh, M.S.

Principal Product Development Scientist, Formulations
Teva Pharmaceuticals

Mr. Parikh is the Principal Product Development Researcher at TEVA Pharmaceuticals, specializing in a diverse range of pharmaceutical dosage forms, with a focus on semi-solid, injectable, transdermal, buccal, and sublingual formulations.
During the tenure, Mr. Parikh led the development of products resulting in significant achievements, including first-to-file (Paragraph IV), first-to-market, and CGT designations. While developing the complex dosage forms Mr. Parikh let technical discussions with the FDA, spanning pre-ANDA development meetings, post DRL/mid-cycle reviews, post CRL meetings, and various control correspondences. Mr. Parikh also spearheaded the creation of multiple successful topical products, showcasing Q3 similarity and establishing bio-equivalence through an in-vitro BE approach.
Beyond TEVA, he actively contributes to AAPS committees like the Topical and Transdermal Committee, Nasal/Inhalation Committee, and Controlled Release Committee. He’s a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a peer reviewer for prestigious international journals.
Mr. Parikh earned a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Long Island University in 2014 and an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy from India in 2011.

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