Caliope Sarago, MHSA

Senior Project Manager, ORS, IO OGD, CDER

Caliope Sarago is a Team Lead (Acting), Senior Regulatory Health Project Manager for the Immediate Office of OGD’s Office of Research and Standards (ORS). In this role, Caliope facilitates teams of interdisciplinary scientists assigned to product specific guidance projects, responding to controlled correspondence submissions, pre-ANDA meetings and furthering research science for the development of generic drugs. Caliope began her FDA career in 2013, at the Center of Tobacco Products and joined the OGD in 2018. Prior to joining the FDA, Caliope held supervisory positions at American Type Culture Collection, in the Quality Control for Microbiology, Protistology and Mycology laboratories, and at the George Washington University Hospital (GWH), in the Transfusion (Blood Bank) Service and Ancillary Testing Program. While at GW, she also worked as a molecular biologist to develop clinical testing by PCR and immunohistochemistry for CMV, HIV and breast cancer receptors. Caliope has a B.Sc. in Applied Science and Medical Technology from Youngstown State University (Youngstown, Ohio) and a Masters in Healthcare Service Administration, with a focus in policy, from George Washington University (Washington, DC). She completed her Masters Certificate in Project Management from Duke University.

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